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I am retired

October 29, 2013

I am retired. I retired at 32 years old. I retired from what I had to do and discovered that it is time to do what I love. I loved my job and still do-it is more of a purpose and passion. However I was successful by society’s definition but not mine!
The only thing one needs to do in their life is LIVE. LIVE is doing what inspires oneself. Only YOU know what inspires you. So, one has to discover what that is and you probably won’t find it looking out into the worldJ Discovering oneself seems dumb because of course we know who we are right? You live in your body right? You have always been you right? But it seems that once we are born we forget and it takes a lifetime to bring back ourselves through rediscovery.
Fears are all around us-fear of dying essentially-the message is clear and yet subtle. For instance: ‘You must go to school or you will die.’ ‘You must have a career or you will die.’ ‘You must marry or you will die.’ ‘You must go to church or you will die.’- Otherwise, shelter, love, God and food will cease and so will you! We are born into fear.
The messages are endless. They aren’t necessarily direct, verbal or conscious.No one told me to have fun or I will die. I wish that was planted into my small impressionable head. That is the only truth that I have found yet. Have fun!! and I will LIVE and the rest will follow or fall into place.  I have found that when I fear death by having the career, the husband, the degrees, I DIE. So now,  I am choosing to LIVE. F@%* you indoctrination!


Reinventing Rebecca Karchere, part II – My experience as a medical intuitive and healer.

March 26, 2013

Reinventing Rebecca Karchere part I

I am sharing this message with you because maybe you or someone you know right now is struggling with their health. This person may have been told that there is nothing more that can be done.  You may know someone who has been on a medication for a very long time and you are watching them decline with time. Whatever their story is, my purpose is to share my gift. Any spiritual person knows that gifts are to be given. I know that what I offer is not widely accepted in this country. I believe that there are too many people who are suffering due to ignorance. I am here to give people hope, healing and an opportunity they may never have thought was possible anymore.

                    ∞∞∞∞Thank you for reading my story & thank you for having faith ❤ ∞∞∞∞

In November 1989, I witnessed a death, unfortunately for the 2nd time. This time it was my grandmother. She was choking incessantly in my parent’s house until she finally passed away sitting in the recliner of the living room. I was 13 years old. My grandmother had come over the house to babysit myself and my 8 year old sister.  She died of a stroke at age 65, shortly after retiring from her job as a secretary.  Her face had turned blue and purple before the ambulance arrived.  It was only a week prior that she had been to the doctor for a check- up of some sort.

The paramedics took their time as they gathered their equipment to try to save her. They were so calm, as if they already knew she was gone.  My sister and I stood mortified watching these 2 people fail to rescue us.  Did they believe that since a mere 13 year old had called that I was bluffing? They strolled in to see their patient laying slumped over and blue.

That experience was terribly traumatic. . I didn’t like the idea that that could have been me! How does a 65 year old woman work her whole life until her expected time to retire only to die? Where is the justice? At least I remind myself that it continues to bring forth good in people’s lives every day. It is this incident that moved me to seek answers about life, health and the health care system. I was lead to the principles of nature and natural medicine. By the time I was 16, I knew there were other ways to heal and experience true health and vitality. This way is by taking charge of our lives. This directly opposes and contradicts the conventional medical model of America.

This past June, I decided to experience a session with an angel channeler. She told me that it is my grandmother who carried ‘the gift’ that I have. Apparently on the ‘other side’, she aids and guides my healing sessions today with other angels.  Interesting right?  Who knows! What I do know is that I hear things and it is not coming from me!  Maybe she is who I hear. I hear, see, feel and know things that go beyond the basic 5 senses.  This is called extrasensory perception.  I have been told by many people that I have a gift; a gift of knowing. The key word here is, “knowing”. This knowing has allowed me to describe, and discern in detail, with superb accuracy (so I have been told), someone’s state of health and road to their wellness just by looking at them, talking to them on the phone, or hearing about them from another. In the bible, there is a reference made that God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. In other words, we have medical professionals of all different types who have invested an enormous amount of their time and money to know what I know without the titles or training!

This is a psychic ability or extra sensory ability. In no way do I call myself a psychic however.  Psychics, to me, are associated with entertainment purposes and exploitation of spirit to feed their own ego.  I have no desire to entertain you for a buck!  I do feel passionate about helping those who seek true healing for themselves, their family and the planet because we are all one. When we help ourselves, we help everyone around us as well.

We are all intuitive beings however. It is just that this event has scarred me so much, that I can’t just sit back for long before I need to tell someone, WAKE UP (you could be next, so take care of yourself)!  We all have a “3rd eye”, referring to the pineal gland in the brain that gives us our intuition.   To know this is the beginning of awareness of what lies beyond the basic five senses. This is not taught in a conventional educational system in America. Nor is it a widely acceptable fact.  I learned about it through my own quest. Most of what I use to help others in my practice was not learned in the 6 years of college I took for nutrition to obtain a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree.

What I consider my truth, was through experience and training through seeking outside of convention. Why should my government hold the keys to what I can learn? They failed me in the belief that all Americans must work until the set retirement age before one can enjoy their life. They failed me in the belief that when one calls for help when there is an emergency, help is there. So maybe they are wrong. And maybe that is another gift. I am 36 years old and hold strongly the belief that “My life is a paid in full vacation.” I also announced at 32 years old that I was retiring!  I am not crazy, I just believe that happiness and enjoyment must be ceased NOW!  Ironically, I moved to Florida shortly after. To set the record straight-I am practicing, I just don’t need to ‘keep up with the Joneses any more.

So I describe myself as a medical intuitive and nutritionist. It’s my own label for now, that best describes for you, what and how I operate professionally.  A medical intuitive is one who knows what is happening behind the scenes of one’s illness beyond the world of form. Using my intuition is an unusual and unique experience( at least for me)!  Not only do I see what is going on in a person, but I can heal certain issues immediately. I use all my experience from school plus the additional sought out training I have in Total Body Modification, Contact Reflex Analysis, Avatar, Akashic Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and more, to guide you through your own healing without conventional screenings or therapies.

Long distance healing is part of the phenomenon. I experienced it for myself with my peers over the phone for years before introducing it into my practice. I now conduct my practice almost exclusively using long distance healing.

Here are some amazing stories and reports from my patients: I have been told that I:

– correctly identified the correct  heart chamber where my patient had had a heart attack (I could see it over the phone)

-gave just the right recommendation and energy work to restore a canine from an emergency situation

– accurately locate subluxations in the spine confirmed by chiropractors

– have correctly seen imbalances before medical tests could confirm it

– have helped people with pains and limitations in their body

-helped stop diarrhea almost instantly

-helped the start of menstruation within hours

-correctly confirmed the sex of unborn babies

-have restored health in people where they don’t need their medication any longer

-have cleared acne or cramps associated with pms

-could confirm whether someone was pregnant or not

– have successfully helped restore health in people diagnosed with cancer

– restored one’s ability to walk without a cane or walker

– have been able to see one’s sleep schedule and when they get up at night

– could determine whether someone had lyme disease or an infection

– could see someone’s travel plans

-could see a gift they were getting soon, and on and on!!!!!

I have gotten some not-so-common requests from patients asking me to locate their lost cat, which home to buy, whom to hire, which career path to take, which relationship is best, what trip to take, how to attract the right relationship and so on.

Whether it is ‘the power of suggestion’, the placebo effect, prayer or faith, if it works, who cares what it is!!  This phenomenon is scientifically explainable if your brain must understand it first before accepting it as fact. Frankly, my attitude is if you are healed from some illness that had the doctors baffled for years-who cares!  If you are healed and your quality of life has improved, isn’t that what you wanted? Bottom line- I care that you are well today and I am grateful to have been a part of that miracle. If our social structure was different, I would, without a doubt, help you for free.

Rebecca Karchere

The Beauty of Disease

April 9, 2011

Nutrition, the science, is the study of the biochemical impact food has on the human body. The beauty and art of my profession as a nutritionist, is to identify what it will take to support an optimal running body. The human body’s biochemical needs at it’s most basic level do not differ.  All are essentially anatomically identical.  What does differ is the soul.

The soul or emotional body greatly impact the biochemistry of the human body. The science part just discussed, is static and linear, as science by definition is just that. The real art of healing involves understanding the soul in order to master optimal health.The soul is the intangible, nonlinear part of who we are. I believe this part has a more profound impact on one’s health than the physical diet.

Illness is the presence of disease. Disease is a dis-ease of energy. This means there is either too much or too little energy in the body. I see our illnesses as an opportunity to better our lives. Disease manifests from being in a state that is misaligned with our true SELF.  If a symptom arises, most assume they are medicine deficient. But there was never medicine in their body before when they felt good! The symptom is an undesirable outcome due to a misalignment with the truth of who they really are!

It is wise to thank the symptom for letting one know that the current thought system is mis-creating, mis-aligned or delusional. It is a warning like a smoke alarm. An example is a headache. If every time you get a headache at your job and not on the weekends-listen to the headache don’t just pop a pill day after day. Maybe you need an attitude adjustment or a resume update. Tylenol will not fulfill your destiny. It will not make you a better person. It will not teach you a life lesson. It will not give you an opportunity to evolve spiritually.  See your illness, no matter what it is, as your soul speaking to you. Your soul is interested in eternal things. It is there to guide you to your best YOU.

Rebecca Karchere, MS

An innocent mind has no fear

April 9, 2011

(Not written by me but worth posting)

What brings freedom from fear—and I assure you the freedom is complete—is to be aware of fear without the word, without trying to deny or escape from fear, without wanting to be in some other state. If with complete attention you are aware of the fact that there is fear, then you will find that the observer and the observed are one: there is no division between them. There is no observer who says, “I am afraid”; there is only fear, without the word which indicates that state. The mind is no longer escaping, no longer seeking to get rid of fear, no longer trying to find the cause, and therefore it is no longer a slave to words. There is only a movement of learning, which is the outcome of innocence, and an innocent mind has no fear.

Collected Works, Vol. XIII – 250


Everything starts with a thought. From this statement all else follows. What are you thinking?

April 7, 2011

To the reader: This message is intended to challenge your belief system, awaken you and positively influence you. 

Since all things begin with a thought, one who believes that they cannot get sick, won’t. One who believes that chemotherapy is the only cure for cancer will also create that reality. We are the masters of our experience, the play writer. This means that our experience is subjective. This is power. Some quotes I love are: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” and “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” can described in this way: We don’t catch a virus, we accept a lie. We don’t catch an infection, we believe fear is real.


Rebecca Karchere, MS


October 7, 2009


October 7, 2009
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