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Very American

September 8, 2021

Have you seen enough evil yet to know that it is there? Have you seen enough corruption for a lifetime or 10 lifetimes, yet? Have you seen enough fear, ego and control for a thousand years, yet?

I believe this is God’s plan. All the shit that has been exposed since March 2020 is not new. I have known this type of medical control and lies to exist for over a hundred years. I am speaking about money over life.  We can thank the ego maniacs like Rockefeller, who bulldozed natural medicine.  That bulldozing is what conventional medicine does to disease. It tries to control it, cut it out and eradicate it.  Life doesn’t work that way. Our soul doesn’t work that way.

Did you know that the cure for cancer has been known all along? Did you know that good smart loving people who help heal people naturally, have been murdered over their success? Another bull dozing, irradicating, ego maniac style approach.  Will we ever stop this madness!!??

Have you seen the medical politics for this corona virus scandal yet? If you haven’t, I don’t believe I am for you. I am here to help you Wake Up!! -to your truth. This WW3 Plandemic was designed to wake up the world. Is it working? Time will tell.

Wake up to what? Waking up means waking up the divinity inside you. Why would we do that? Because once you have made connection to your inner being, your inner presence, you have all the knowledge and all the power you could ever need to navigate your life. It can’t be bought. It can’t be found ANYWHERE, accept within.  God can’t be bought, or patented or be a product.  But if you don’t know that, you might do something out of ignorance and believe the lies and fears that the world has been trying to sell you. Humans ‘Buy In’ or ‘Sell Out’ to all sorts of bull shit all the time. This energy can literally be found over the crown area of the head and can be accessed with muscle testing. 

If I have peaked your interest, my name is Rebecca Roseberry, a medical intuitive.  I am a healer and nutritionist.  I help people heal their health issues right over the phone. I also teach my technique for those ready to be their own healer, called Source Energy Technique.  Please check out my website, book or just give me a call. I am here to help and to shake you up into your power.

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