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Manifesting My Dream Home, part 2

June 2, 2017

Here is the link for part 1: Manifesting My Dream Home, part 1

On May 27th 2016, we headed to a relative’s house to live for a week. We had all of our stuff in storage, 3 units plus a trailer and the boat. Then we journeyed up to Connecticut to live with my parents for the next month until the closing date on June 27th.  Around June 19th, in Connecticut, I started to get some emails from the realtor that made me question his health and well-being. There was a slight change in his personality. I even called him up to make sure that we were on the same page, yet everything seemed fine. But there was an urgency in his emails and texts to receive the money on time. He kept wanting to make sure the money was available. Then he requested that it be received to the closing attorney prior to the closing date.

Friday June 24th, he was getting me very upset and stressing me out.  I had patient’s appointments scheduled that day. One appointment was actually ‘in person’ at my parent’s house.  That day I also became aware of an energy that I knew was dark. I saw it over my patient’s left shoulder and fright came over me. I prayed that it be gone. Afterwards, I went to the bank to wire the money for the closing, just shy of $94,000 cash. I came back home to take more appointments. For the second time in my life, I was having a severe panic attack-SEVERE!  I got some more crazy texts from the realtor. Something was just off and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  He was requesting me to change the closing date!

I finally called the closing attorney to say there is something seriously wrong with the realtor and what the hell is going on? I put Jeff on the phone with the office because I had to go back to work. He rushes in my office area and tells me it was fraud!   The money had been wired to a criminal in Texas to a Chase Bank account!  I notified my bank immediately and dropped everything to file a fraud claim back at my bank. It had been only a few hours since it was wired which I thought was a good thing. As I was filling out the form, I had a knowing that it would be returned. But you never really know do you?

(We spent the next 45 days living in hell wondering if we were getting our money back. It sat in the Chase bank fraud department until August 5.)

I didn’t know whether it was going to happen or not.  Thankfully it did. In the meantime, over the course of those days, no one believed that I was to get this money back. I was on the phone with anyone you could think of looking for someone to help us and give us  answers. I have to say, all were useless. In fact, it was worse getting tossed around from call to call with no answers, no support and no one gave a damn! All I was told was, this could take up to 45 days and it doesn’t mean that the money will be returned.


I had to have FAITH. My cousin and my friend Tara, knew intuitively it would be returned but until it actually came back, we were beyond devastated. No one would tell me honestly what the hell was going on. Chase bank was not treating us well. They treated me like a criminal!  My bank treated us poorly as well, with the exception of one person. I had called the FBI, the local police and I had reported it online. I prayed and cried for those 45 days with very little signs of hope. It took weeks before the FBI first contacted me and my bank for that matter, to tell me little.

In the meantime, we are homeless and out of this $! What had happened was the closing attorney’s email was hacked. The criminal hacked into my realtor’s account and pretended to be him using email and texts! This criminal was very convincing as he used a lot of personal information about the realtor and myself that made it believable. He had sent the actual closing documents to me with all my correct information! He just changed the bank routing and account #. The FBI said it was very sophisticated.

The home that I wanted, that I felt the angels told me was my house, was still under contract. We requested a 2 week extension with the closing attorney.  I was hoping the money would be returned in those 2 weeks and we can move on but time was running out. So I did some math and I maxed out all my bank accounts to scrape up this money once again, leaving me with less than $10,000 to repair the house and to live on.  On July 8th, I paid for the house in cash(again) and drove to the house which needed close to $25,000 in repairs. There was termite damage, water damage, animal feces, cockroaches, damaged wood, the walls were caked on with crud, the bathtubs were stained with rust! The whole house needed to be gutted and we have less than $10,000.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to leave my family homeless and penniless because at that point I just had to move on. We could just camp there and slowly repair the house and apply for a home equity loan. We started making some repairs and started putting our credit cards together and coming up with a strategy and then on August 5 at 5:55 pm,  my bank had informed me that my money had returned in full!

I come to find out through this experience that internet/identity crimes occur pretty often. Wiring fraud happens very often and there’s no way of identifying an actual person who did this. The FBI and the police both said, “Be thankful that you got your money back, most people don’t!  Once the money leaves the country, that’s it!” One agent told me that they just aren’t equipped to handle this level of theft. So I feel very blessed as you can imagine. Our house is about 85% repaired now and we’re extremely happy.

I realized from this experience that I have an enemy.  I know for certain now that there are dark forces that want to do me harm. I know this firmly now. I’m not the type to say this or to even do this, but I was close to committing suicide the night that the money got stolen- closest that I’ve ever been. I believe that panic attack was probably ‘the knowing of what was occurring’ that I couldn’t consciously figure it out.

I know for certain from what Joyce Meyer says “new level new devil” because I got challenged living at a higher place, a higher consciousness. The shit is going to hit the fan- as a shedding, as a test, as a challenge, as to keep balance, who the hell knows!? But I know that this was an attack and I’m thankful for all the prayers. Marianne Williamson would say it is a cry for love. Well you send love to the people behind this. Trying to muster up love to that type of evil is not human. You know me-I am always telling people to love everyone 🙂 All I could do was love myself through it and frankly I still am healing from this.

I also realized that money is not who I am. It’s a tool. Although it was extremely devastating to not have that money, I was ready to plan the rest of my life and deal with not having it anymore. Of course, it would’ve sucked and of course it would’ve taken me a long time to heal that trauma.

I had reached out to many different healers at that time and we’ve concluded that it was a past life karmic debt. It manifested in part to what, Morgana Starr, said was a sentinel. Actually, pre-incarnation, I realized I set it up to have that experience. I also feel that it was a combination of personal guilt that I was carrying because I was living my dream. I am sure you can relate. A lot of people carry around guilt, shame and unworthiness. This house was symbolic of a chapter that I was deliberately creating in a way I’ve never created before. It’s the epitome of my dreams coming true.  I guess there was some guilt in receiving all the wonderful things that I knew were ahead. I’ve lived on this earth for 41 years and I finally feel like I have arrived. I suppose I’d have to let go of guilt and unworthiness around that in order to receive, but who knows…..-I do know I am living the dream ❤


The dream of this house partially involves you too. I could not have gotten to this place without you. My plan is to create a home where I live off the land as much as possible (which keeps expanding). I plan on growing herbs for healthy living and to be made into products for you, like salves, for instance. I am turning this house into a farm slowly but surely. I have already planted many fruit trees and berry bushes. The home will have chickens for eggs. Eventually I will be conducting healing workshops and art classes out of my favorite room in the house, my office space where I play @ Pure NEWtrition and Anastazia’s Designs. We call this house the ReTreat.

Thanks for being a part of this crazy journey called Life.



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  1. June 3, 2017 3:41 pm

    So glad you shared this story with the world. I sense it was another step in your healing from the ordeal, and you’re helping others learn and heal by your example! 🙂 Thanks, Bec!

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