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Manifesting My Dream Home, part 1

May 27, 2017

As a follow-up to my article on manifesting, “Manifesting: Deliberately Create Your Dreams into Reality”, here is an example of manifesting that has many life lessons in it that will inspire you and stress you out:). This experience had to be written. You will see why. It is appropriate to send this to you today since May 27th marks 1 year, the day we left Florida…..

In January 2016, I had been living in Florida for six long years I was terribly unhappy there, no matter how many times I tried to use the various healing tools and techniques I have available. The fact was I was unhappy in the Florida environment.  I thought it was a mind over matter thing and I just had to tell myself that I am happy. The reality was that the intense heat that I experienced three quarters of the year, was slowly sucking the life out of me! I had to be honest with that. So the dread of experiencing another summer in Florida was just an impossibility to me. (Mind you it was never my desire to live in Florida to begin with)

I put the house on the market by February.  I vowed that this house must sell before the summer- I will not be here another summer. I was in fright and dread of experiencing another summer-it was that terrifying to me. I had just recently read a book called Theta Healing. I decided to apply everything that I know about manifesting into my dream home and to get out of Florida as soon as humanly possible, using Theta Healing.

I decided to channel this new house. What that means is I tuned into my future home in my mind and I started writing down what I saw in my head. I wrote a whole page of descriptions of what I saw. For example, I specifically saw a Coldwell Banker sign out front. The next thing that I did was list everything that I wanted in my new home- the specifics of how many bedrooms, the square footage etc.  I used Theta Healing and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed.

My realtor had the house on the market and we weren’t getting any interest in the house. So she started to look in the neighborhood statistics for the average time a house is on the market. The average was 1 year! So she said be prepared to be here another year and another summer! I refused to accept this. By April we had an interested buyer and by May 27 we were completely packed up and on the road for Memorial Day weekend!!

That is the short version. I wish it was that simple. Let me fill you in on more details leading up to this miracle and some details after this miracle. You’ll see……

I had a session with Carol Joyce, an angel channeler, because I wanted to make sure this was the right move. She told me there would be “signs” that I was on the right path. But I didn’t think she meant literally too!! Wilmington, NC was so random and wild to pick up and leave to a place where we knew no one. I had prayed that Florida would send us out and pay us to leave!


Sign #1 Interestingly and miraculously the buyer’s name had ‘christ’ in the first name and last!! Lol

Sign #2: Then the inspectors gave us approval for everything that we expected were going to be problems in negotiations with the buyers! We had many red flags regarding the structure and condition of the home that were brushed over.

Sign #3: It took only three months and the closing ended up being on May 27th!

Sign #4: We doubled our money in a little over 3 years.

We didn’t have a new house to settle in to by the closing date. We just knew the area we liked based on a few brief visits. I mean brief-two nights in June 2015 and 1 afternoon over Thanksgiving weekend in Wilmington.

Sign #5: Driving up 95N to get to Wilmington, you have to cross over to route 74/76. I kept seeing signs for both. 1974 is the year Jeff was born and 1976 is mine.

Why did I pick this area in the first place, you ask? It met my needs and came recommended from friends and family. I had my criteria: The house needed to be near the beach, near an airport, secluded and near Trader Joe’s. Those were the general specs.

So a little sidebar- knowing that I had to leave Florida, that this was inevitable because it was affecting my health and my passion for living, I was shopping on Trulia and Zillow and receiving picks from our realtor, daily since January.  I was obsessed over house shopping.  I had what I wanted on paper, how many bedrooms, the type of neighborhood etc. but nothing was matching up to these requirements.  Jeff found a house that I could consider. It was a foreclosure and I prayed about it and I asked God for a sign. Jeff liked the house. I thought it could work.  I prayed and I prayed and prayed. I wasn’t getting too much of a clear answer and I was getting extremely frustrated. I just want God to spell it out: “Is this the house or not?” Suddenly when I asked, someone or something tugged on my left ear firmly enough for me to know without a shadow of a doubt this was the house. I suppose this was an angel or a guide.  I have no idea but there was no one else in the room. I immediately called the realtor and said I will purchase this house without even seeing it.  I know it needs a lot of work. I don’t care. I just want to hold the house. My realtor called the listing agent for the house that I wanted and left a few voice mails. The person never got back to us and the next day the house was off the market 😦

As you can imagine, I was devastated because I was begging God for a sign and begging for some direction and then this happens! So I chalked it up to maybe it really wasn’t an angel or a guide tugging on my ear. Maybe I made the whole thing up and this is not the house.

My realtor had a family emergency the day we had scheduled a trip to house shop in NC! We had 1 day to house shop on May 17th so we got a replacement realtor.   

Sign #6: For that trip, we transported our boat and first set of furniture to a storage unit in an area that just so happened to be 8 minutes from our new house that we hadn’t found yet!

Sign #7: On the way to North Carolina we drove up with our U-haul and boat. The boat trailer axle broke! This happened on the side of the I-95 N. I think it was in South Carolina and strangely there just so happens to be a welder at the exit where we had to pull over-reasonably priced and available! The trailer was fixed and we were back on the road in no time!

The next day we got up early to take our things to storage to unload everything and then house shop that afternoon. For the two of us to unload all of this furniture it would consume the day but thankfully the storage employee made a phone call and in no time we had two helpers to unload the furniture in time to return the U-Haul truck back to its office without penalty. #8

This new realtor was much more knowledgeable to help us find the type of house that we were looking for. The house that I really wanted was off the market, so we looked at some other homes that I was less interested in. There weren’t many at all to choose from. I was disappointed because I had been house shopping on line since January and nothing felt right.

Oddly and miraculously enough, #9, Jeff looks at his phone while we are looking at a house I wasn’t excited about and notices on Trulia, that the house I really wanted was back on the market!! More ironically the house I really wanted was only 15 minutes away from the house that we were looking at and the realtor just so happened to have the key to the house because it was a HUD home and he was familiar with a HUD transaction.

When I arrived at the house that is now our home, it had the Coldwell Banker sign in the front!! #10-the same vision that I had when I jotted down in January. Ironically it had a ‘beware of dog’ sign on the gate just like our old home in Florida had- the same sign!! #11

Aside from the heat, I truly loved the property and loved the home.  We always said if only we could pick up our house exactly the way it is and just move it up north it would be awesome. I really didn’t want to leave the house, just the state. So our new home has many of the features that we loved in Florida. It is actually also on a dirt road and on the same side of the street as the last house, on the same size lot, with the gate with the ‘beware of dog’ sign and with a paved driveway like we had!  We have our peace and tranquility which is number one priority. Even our neighbors are similar!

I immediately put a bid on the house. I bid on a figure via muscle testing, because I really wanted the bid to be accepted. We headed back down to Florida and on the highway of our 10 hour drive, I get an email that our offer was accepted (the same day) sign #12 !! By the time I got to Florida I had to immediately put down a deposit and send in overnight paperwork to secure the purchase with the exception of about two items everything that I wanted in this future home this home had.

I wish I could say it was smooth sailing from here :(…. stay tuned for part 2


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