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Healing the Victim

March 13, 2017

Carolyn Myss, author of “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”, states that each of us has a victim archetype within. Illness presents us with the opportunity to come face to face with that victim. In order to transcend it and heal, it’s important not to take the illness personally. We need to truly see it as an opportunity to heal.


Myss believes that healing and curing are not the same thing. Curing is the successful controlling or abatement of an illness, that does not necessarily include alleviation of the emotional and psychological stresses that were a part of the illness. The process leading to a cure is generally passive, where the patient gives over authority to the physician and/or prescribed treatment. Healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating ones attitudes, memories, beliefs, and relationships to power. The desire is to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery.


In order to do this, we need to notice the feelings that are coming up. Whether it is an illness, a relationship drama or job crisis, it is important to face the challenge, not separate yourself from it. We need to face the fears and victimized feelings that are surfacing. 

Next, we must walk directly into these feelings. The illness is not the issue. The issue is the loss of power that the illness generates. We must find the things that make us feel powerful and bring more power into our life. We must connect to the spirit and strengthen our faith. We must use this power to confront our inner victim.

When I took the Avatar course, I became aware that I created all my problems! It was my doing! Through the course, you gain a higher awareness and broader perspective. You begin to recognize that you created the problem. You created it for your own purpose of spiritual awareness, spiritual growth and development. It is not separate from you. It is not God punishing you. You can’t wonder “Why does this happen to me?” If you meditate deep enough you will gain that perspective and it’s very liberating. You will find that you set up this situation for your growth, your education – and it’s perfect. 

Since we created it for ourself, we must find the power in the circumstance. Finding and facing the fears that it brings up within us allows it to leave our body once and for all, and true healing can begin. 

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  1. March 13, 2017 8:36 pm

    Exactly!! Hi ..I’m a new blogger and I think we may have some stuff in common.. Please check out my blog:)

  2. June 5, 2017 9:05 pm


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