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The Merry-Go-Round of Modern Medicine: Why I pray for an Awakening

November 30, 2016

There is so much I could say on this topic! It makes me crazy because today’s doctors aren’t using anything in their toolbox that actually works. I am sure that may come as a surprise, but let me explain.

The bodies we live in are made up of organic materials. We each have a soul and a spirit, which are intrinsically part of our physical body. To be healthy, our bodies require living elements to sustain themselves. They need food from the earth – fruits, vegetables, seeds-virtually anything that grows in nature. They require water to drink and air to breathe. The soul and the spirit thrive on love, joy, happiness and peace. These are the things that normal, healthy beings require – this is part of our blueprint.

So, logically, if a doctor is hired to assess a person’s health, they must then review the patient’s blueprint. The doctor must find out where the patient is deviating from the basic requirements listed above. Right? Wrong. What they actually do has nothing to do with restoring health. They do not recommend organic nutrition. They do not recommend clean, filtered water. They do not recommend breathing clean air. They do not recommend exercise as a primary protocol to restoration. They do not assist the patient with returning their blueprint. Instead, today’s doctors recommend drugs – man-made chemical concoctions that have never been found to be naturally occurring in a healthy body – and surgery – the removal of a dysfunctional body part.

There is no logic in this. To be honest, it’s quite asinine. I find it appalling that this is how medicine in our country operates. Well, they call it medicine. I call it crap.

In my practice, I find that when you start dissecting a person’s lifestyle it becomes very obvious why they are in their current state of health. It’s something that they created, not something from outside of them. It’s something they did – intentionally or not – to themselves. Don’t get me wrong – medication and surgery have their benefits in an emergency – a situation that cannot wait for the body to heal itself, but that’s it. If there isn’t a long-term plan using the blueprint above, it will not help the patient.

In my practice I often work with people that have first sought help from traditional medical professionals. Rarely do these experts find any significant problems and if they do, they certainly don’t have a good solution. The doctor will often give an antibiotic or a steroid. If those don’t work, they’ll recommend surgery and just cut it out. Or they may send you from specialist to specialist and on the merry-go-round of modern medicine we go! That’s it!  Sadly, this is often what today’s medical professionals offer you. I WISH I WAS KIDDING!

It has taken me over 10 years to come to terms with my frustration with “the system”. I am finally channeling this frustration into something useful for others. I have a gift of intuition that allows me to see the real issues behind a symptom’s manifestation. It’s my job and purpose to help people awaken and realize our power aka divinity. The truth is within each and every one of us. It is time to realize that we are one with nature and we are one with God. We need to start opening our eyes, opening our hearts and opening our minds.

Today’s medical system has been created out of pride, greed, fear and ignorance.  If you are not in an emergency situation, I strongly suggest that you save your money and save your energy. Please consider consulting a medical professional who treats you as the trinity that you are.

Are you ready for the truth? Please call or email me to learn how to return to your original blueprint.

Rev. Rebecca Karchere, MS, Medical Intuitive
Pure NEWtrition

“Health is Inner Peace”



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