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Vitamin D in the media

March 30, 2015

Every so often a new nutrient or health craze infiltrates the media. The media thrives on drama and ratings, not facts.  If you are getting your information from the media, I feel sorry for you.  Vitamin D is getting some great attention these days. I hear a lot from my patients, “My doctor thinks I should be on a vitamin D supplement”. Thank you media for keeping me in business by the way (in all my sarcasm)

All of a sudden, this nutrient that has always existed is getting attention-WHY? Please tell me, who came out with a new patent? Who is going to get paid from this hype? What was the business plan for this drama this time?

Next it will be vitamin A. Why? Because! There is vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, K for starters. Why pick vitamin D now? What about minerals? These nutrients existed before us and certainly existed before we discovered it! Conclusion: They are ALL important. Doctors should be screening for all of them!

Remember the skin cancer hype? Put on your sunblock or you will develop skin cancer. Well guess what else you block?…Vitamin D!! You cannot make vitamin D when you wear sun block. Confusion, confusion. “They” told us to wear sun block to protect me from cancer, but now I have a vitamin D deficiency! Oh the dilemma…

How about all the cholesterol uproar? Your levels should be 220 mg/dL. No wait!!- It is 200mg/dL. Nope, we goofed up again, it is now 180 mg/dL!! And you trust these people???????? I don’t suppose the insurance companies and the FDA are in cahoots huh? Nah-can’t be. They are for the people. So now that most everyone who gets their blood work checked, now falls into the high cholesterol catagory, we are going to give you Lipitor!! Another brilliant idea. Thank you medical doctor for saving me from a fictitious heart disease risk factor. Thank you for lowering my CoQ10 levels to dangerous levels that put me at risk for a heart attack. Oh, but that is why you put me on Lipitor to protect me from heart disease!! I am very confused now. Who do you work for again?

So now my cholesterol levels are lowered artificially by shutting down my liver. And now I have low vitamin D levels in my blood. Thank you concerned medical doctor. How many years of nutrition classes have you taken? Oh- you only took 1 class!

Then why are you telling me about my vitamin D levels in the first place!? Shouldn’t I ask a nutritionist who knows more than you? Would you call a plumber to do a electrician’s job?

Conclusion: “They” created the no-fat craze which made the skin cancer, diabetes, and heart disease rates go up making everyone deficient in vitamin D! So take your vitamin D supplement for the love of God-until the next drama:) No! Seriously:  EAT FAT and SMILE @ FEAR-that is Wisdom:)

Thank you for letting me rant and vent ❤

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