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Relationships-part 1

March 9, 2014

In the end, one must come to terms with the fact that the only relationship is with oneself. All other relationships are extensions of, or projections of the relationship with the self. That is it. This realization then means that in order to shift the relationship that is undesired, one must look in the mirror. At first this seems to imply guilt or shame for causing the distress but upon maturity and desiring power more than victimhood, one fully accepts that they created the whole thing! This may first be humiliating but afterwards, liberating. Freedom and power are synonymous. I love them both. I had to accept that the things I disliked about my life was my doing. Then, I could change it! Otherwise, one stays in resistance, and that is just ignorant. If one becomes aware of their role in the experience they dislike and still choose to stay in it-that is called stupid!

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