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I am retired

October 29, 2013

I am retired. I retired at 32 years old. I retired from what I had to do and discovered that it is time to do what I love. I loved my job and still do-it is more of a purpose and passion. However I was successful by society’s definition but not mine!
The only thing one needs to do in their life is LIVE. LIVE is doing what inspires oneself. Only YOU know what inspires you. So, one has to discover what that is and you probably won’t find it looking out into the worldJ Discovering oneself seems dumb because of course we know who we are right? You live in your body right? You have always been you right? But it seems that once we are born we forget and it takes a lifetime to bring back ourselves through rediscovery.
Fears are all around us-fear of dying essentially-the message is clear and yet subtle. For instance: ‘You must go to school or you will die.’ ‘You must have a career or you will die.’ ‘You must marry or you will die.’ ‘You must go to church or you will die.’- Otherwise, shelter, love, God and food will cease and so will you! We are born into fear.
The messages are endless. They aren’t necessarily direct, verbal or conscious.No one told me to have fun or I will die. I wish that was planted into my small impressionable head. That is the only truth that I have found yet. Have fun!! and I will LIVE and the rest will follow or fall into place.  I have found that when I fear death by having the career, the husband, the degrees, I DIE. So now,  I am choosing to LIVE. F@%* you indoctrination!

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