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Swine Flu “Drama”

April 14, 2009
I am sending this out in response to the overwhelming concern over the latest flu panic…. 
For all the hype about the swine flu:
Fear is what the media feeds us with. If you buy into it, you have been duped.
Please remember that fear is the only thing that can open the door to disease.
Where there is fear, love cannot exist and love heals the body.
Love, love, love is the answer.
Stay focused on love and truth and you will be full of health, vitality and longevity.
Surrender your fears to God daily and you will overcome the world.
Surrender your fear of the swine flu, of infections, of pathogens, of disease and sickness and you will receive health.
Recite daily that you are healthy.
Do the basics:
  • Prayer and Gratitude
  • Eat whole foods and supplements
  • Hydrate 8-10 cups of water
  • Have a positive attitude and speak truth (fear is not true)
  • Get adequate rest
  • Exercise
In Health,
Rebecca Karchere, MS
Yours in Health,
Rebecca Karchere
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