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Very American

September 8, 2021

Have you seen enough evil yet to know that it is there? Have you seen enough corruption for a lifetime or 10 lifetimes, yet? Have you seen enough fear, ego and control for a thousand years, yet?

I believe this is God’s plan. All the shit that has been exposed since March 2020 is not new. I have known this type of medical control and lies to exist for over a hundred years. I am speaking about money over life.  We can thank the ego maniacs like Rockefeller, who bulldozed natural medicine.  That bulldozing is what conventional medicine does to disease. It tries to control it, cut it out and eradicate it.  Life doesn’t work that way. Our soul doesn’t work that way.

Did you know that the cure for cancer has been known all along? Did you know that good smart loving people who help heal people naturally, have been murdered over their success? Another bull dozing, irradicating, ego maniac style approach.  Will we ever stop this madness!!??

Have you seen the medical politics for this corona virus scandal yet? If you haven’t, I don’t believe I am for you. I am here to help you Wake Up!! -to your truth. This WW3 Plandemic was designed to wake up the world. Is it working? Time will tell.

Wake up to what? Waking up means waking up the divinity inside you. Why would we do that? Because once you have made connection to your inner being, your inner presence, you have all the knowledge and all the power you could ever need to navigate your life. It can’t be bought. It can’t be found ANYWHERE, accept within.  God can’t be bought, or patented or be a product.  But if you don’t know that, you might do something out of ignorance and believe the lies and fears that the world has been trying to sell you. Humans ‘Buy In’ or ‘Sell Out’ to all sorts of bull shit all the time. This energy can literally be found over the crown area of the head and can be accessed with muscle testing. 

If I have peaked your interest, my name is Rebecca Roseberry, a medical intuitive.  I am a healer and nutritionist.  I help people heal their health issues right over the phone. I also teach my technique for those ready to be their own healer, called Source Energy Technique.  Please check out my website, book or just give me a call. I am here to help and to shake you up into your power.


Manifesting My Dream Home, part 2

June 2, 2017

Here is the link for part 1: Manifesting My Dream Home, part 1

On May 27th 2016, we headed to a relative’s house to live for a week. We had all of our stuff in storage, 3 units plus a trailer and the boat. Then we journeyed up to Connecticut to live with my parents for the next month until the closing date on June 27th.  Around June 19th, in Connecticut, I started to get some emails from the realtor that made me question his health and well-being. There was a slight change in his personality. I even called him up to make sure that we were on the same page, yet everything seemed fine. But there was an urgency in his emails and texts to receive the money on time. He kept wanting to make sure the money was available. Then he requested that it be received to the closing attorney prior to the closing date.

Friday June 24th, he was getting me very upset and stressing me out.  I had patient’s appointments scheduled that day. One appointment was actually ‘in person’ at my parent’s house.  That day I also became aware of an energy that I knew was dark. I saw it over my patient’s left shoulder and fright came over me. I prayed that it be gone. Afterwards, I went to the bank to wire the money for the closing, just shy of $94,000 cash. I came back home to take more appointments. For the second time in my life, I was having a severe panic attack-SEVERE!  I got some more crazy texts from the realtor. Something was just off and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  He was requesting me to change the closing date!

I finally called the closing attorney to say there is something seriously wrong with the realtor and what the hell is going on? I put Jeff on the phone with the office because I had to go back to work. He rushes in my office area and tells me it was fraud!   The money had been wired to a criminal in Texas to a Chase Bank account!  I notified my bank immediately and dropped everything to file a fraud claim back at my bank. It had been only a few hours since it was wired which I thought was a good thing. As I was filling out the form, I had a knowing that it would be returned. But you never really know do you?

(We spent the next 45 days living in hell wondering if we were getting our money back. It sat in the Chase bank fraud department until August 5.)

I didn’t know whether it was going to happen or not.  Thankfully it did. In the meantime, over the course of those days, no one believed that I was to get this money back. I was on the phone with anyone you could think of looking for someone to help us and give us  answers. I have to say, all were useless. In fact, it was worse getting tossed around from call to call with no answers, no support and no one gave a damn! All I was told was, this could take up to 45 days and it doesn’t mean that the money will be returned.


I had to have FAITH. My cousin and my friend Tara, knew intuitively it would be returned but until it actually came back, we were beyond devastated. No one would tell me honestly what the hell was going on. Chase bank was not treating us well. They treated me like a criminal!  My bank treated us poorly as well, with the exception of one person. I had called the FBI, the local police and I had reported it online. I prayed and cried for those 45 days with very little signs of hope. It took weeks before the FBI first contacted me and my bank for that matter, to tell me little.

In the meantime, we are homeless and out of this $! What had happened was the closing attorney’s email was hacked. The criminal hacked into my realtor’s account and pretended to be him using email and texts! This criminal was very convincing as he used a lot of personal information about the realtor and myself that made it believable. He had sent the actual closing documents to me with all my correct information! He just changed the bank routing and account #. The FBI said it was very sophisticated.

The home that I wanted, that I felt the angels told me was my house, was still under contract. We requested a 2 week extension with the closing attorney.  I was hoping the money would be returned in those 2 weeks and we can move on but time was running out. So I did some math and I maxed out all my bank accounts to scrape up this money once again, leaving me with less than $10,000 to repair the house and to live on.  On July 8th, I paid for the house in cash(again) and drove to the house which needed close to $25,000 in repairs. There was termite damage, water damage, animal feces, cockroaches, damaged wood, the walls were caked on with crud, the bathtubs were stained with rust! The whole house needed to be gutted and we have less than $10,000.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to leave my family homeless and penniless because at that point I just had to move on. We could just camp there and slowly repair the house and apply for a home equity loan. We started making some repairs and started putting our credit cards together and coming up with a strategy and then on August 5 at 5:55 pm,  my bank had informed me that my money had returned in full!

I come to find out through this experience that internet/identity crimes occur pretty often. Wiring fraud happens very often and there’s no way of identifying an actual person who did this. The FBI and the police both said, “Be thankful that you got your money back, most people don’t!  Once the money leaves the country, that’s it!” One agent told me that they just aren’t equipped to handle this level of theft. So I feel very blessed as you can imagine. Our house is about 85% repaired now and we’re extremely happy.

I realized from this experience that I have an enemy.  I know for certain now that there are dark forces that want to do me harm. I know this firmly now. I’m not the type to say this or to even do this, but I was close to committing suicide the night that the money got stolen- closest that I’ve ever been. I believe that panic attack was probably ‘the knowing of what was occurring’ that I couldn’t consciously figure it out.

I know for certain from what Joyce Meyer says “new level new devil” because I got challenged living at a higher place, a higher consciousness. The shit is going to hit the fan- as a shedding, as a test, as a challenge, as to keep balance, who the hell knows!? But I know that this was an attack and I’m thankful for all the prayers. Marianne Williamson would say it is a cry for love. Well you send love to the people behind this. Trying to muster up love to that type of evil is not human. You know me-I am always telling people to love everyone 🙂 All I could do was love myself through it and frankly I still am healing from this.

I also realized that money is not who I am. It’s a tool. Although it was extremely devastating to not have that money, I was ready to plan the rest of my life and deal with not having it anymore. Of course, it would’ve sucked and of course it would’ve taken me a long time to heal that trauma.

I had reached out to many different healers at that time and we’ve concluded that it was a past life karmic debt. It manifested in part to what, Morgana Starr, said was a sentinel. Actually, pre-incarnation, I realized I set it up to have that experience. I also feel that it was a combination of personal guilt that I was carrying because I was living my dream. I am sure you can relate. A lot of people carry around guilt, shame and unworthiness. This house was symbolic of a chapter that I was deliberately creating in a way I’ve never created before. It’s the epitome of my dreams coming true.  I guess there was some guilt in receiving all the wonderful things that I knew were ahead. I’ve lived on this earth for 41 years and I finally feel like I have arrived. I suppose I’d have to let go of guilt and unworthiness around that in order to receive, but who knows…..-I do know I am living the dream ❤


The dream of this house partially involves you too. I could not have gotten to this place without you. My plan is to create a home where I live off the land as much as possible (which keeps expanding). I plan on growing herbs for healthy living and to be made into products for you, like salves, for instance. I am turning this house into a farm slowly but surely. I have already planted many fruit trees and berry bushes. The home will have chickens for eggs. Eventually I will be conducting healing workshops and art classes out of my favorite room in the house, my office space where I play @ Pure NEWtrition and Anastazia’s Designs. We call this house the ReTreat.

Thanks for being a part of this crazy journey called Life.



Manifesting My Dream Home, part 1

May 27, 2017

As a follow-up to my article on manifesting, “Manifesting: Deliberately Create Your Dreams into Reality”, here is an example of manifesting that has many life lessons in it that will inspire you and stress you out:). This experience had to be written. You will see why. It is appropriate to send this to you today since May 27th marks 1 year, the day we left Florida…..

In January 2016, I had been living in Florida for six long years I was terribly unhappy there, no matter how many times I tried to use the various healing tools and techniques I have available. The fact was I was unhappy in the Florida environment.  I thought it was a mind over matter thing and I just had to tell myself that I am happy. The reality was that the intense heat that I experienced three quarters of the year, was slowly sucking the life out of me! I had to be honest with that. So the dread of experiencing another summer in Florida was just an impossibility to me. (Mind you it was never my desire to live in Florida to begin with)

I put the house on the market by February.  I vowed that this house must sell before the summer- I will not be here another summer. I was in fright and dread of experiencing another summer-it was that terrifying to me. I had just recently read a book called Theta Healing. I decided to apply everything that I know about manifesting into my dream home and to get out of Florida as soon as humanly possible, using Theta Healing.

I decided to channel this new house. What that means is I tuned into my future home in my mind and I started writing down what I saw in my head. I wrote a whole page of descriptions of what I saw. For example, I specifically saw a Coldwell Banker sign out front. The next thing that I did was list everything that I wanted in my new home- the specifics of how many bedrooms, the square footage etc.  I used Theta Healing and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed.

My realtor had the house on the market and we weren’t getting any interest in the house. So she started to look in the neighborhood statistics for the average time a house is on the market. The average was 1 year! So she said be prepared to be here another year and another summer! I refused to accept this. By April we had an interested buyer and by May 27 we were completely packed up and on the road for Memorial Day weekend!!

That is the short version. I wish it was that simple. Let me fill you in on more details leading up to this miracle and some details after this miracle. You’ll see……

I had a session with Carol Joyce, an angel channeler, because I wanted to make sure this was the right move. She told me there would be “signs” that I was on the right path. But I didn’t think she meant literally too!! Wilmington, NC was so random and wild to pick up and leave to a place where we knew no one. I had prayed that Florida would send us out and pay us to leave!


Sign #1 Interestingly and miraculously the buyer’s name had ‘christ’ in the first name and last!! Lol

Sign #2: Then the inspectors gave us approval for everything that we expected were going to be problems in negotiations with the buyers! We had many red flags regarding the structure and condition of the home that were brushed over.

Sign #3: It took only three months and the closing ended up being on May 27th!

Sign #4: We doubled our money in a little over 3 years.

We didn’t have a new house to settle in to by the closing date. We just knew the area we liked based on a few brief visits. I mean brief-two nights in June 2015 and 1 afternoon over Thanksgiving weekend in Wilmington.

Sign #5: Driving up 95N to get to Wilmington, you have to cross over to route 74/76. I kept seeing signs for both. 1974 is the year Jeff was born and 1976 is mine.

Why did I pick this area in the first place, you ask? It met my needs and came recommended from friends and family. I had my criteria: The house needed to be near the beach, near an airport, secluded and near Trader Joe’s. Those were the general specs.

So a little sidebar- knowing that I had to leave Florida, that this was inevitable because it was affecting my health and my passion for living, I was shopping on Trulia and Zillow and receiving picks from our realtor, daily since January.  I was obsessed over house shopping.  I had what I wanted on paper, how many bedrooms, the type of neighborhood etc. but nothing was matching up to these requirements.  Jeff found a house that I could consider. It was a foreclosure and I prayed about it and I asked God for a sign. Jeff liked the house. I thought it could work.  I prayed and I prayed and prayed. I wasn’t getting too much of a clear answer and I was getting extremely frustrated. I just want God to spell it out: “Is this the house or not?” Suddenly when I asked, someone or something tugged on my left ear firmly enough for me to know without a shadow of a doubt this was the house. I suppose this was an angel or a guide.  I have no idea but there was no one else in the room. I immediately called the realtor and said I will purchase this house without even seeing it.  I know it needs a lot of work. I don’t care. I just want to hold the house. My realtor called the listing agent for the house that I wanted and left a few voice mails. The person never got back to us and the next day the house was off the market 😦

As you can imagine, I was devastated because I was begging God for a sign and begging for some direction and then this happens! So I chalked it up to maybe it really wasn’t an angel or a guide tugging on my ear. Maybe I made the whole thing up and this is not the house.

My realtor had a family emergency the day we had scheduled a trip to house shop in NC! We had 1 day to house shop on May 17th so we got a replacement realtor.   

Sign #6: For that trip, we transported our boat and first set of furniture to a storage unit in an area that just so happened to be 8 minutes from our new house that we hadn’t found yet!

Sign #7: On the way to North Carolina we drove up with our U-haul and boat. The boat trailer axle broke! This happened on the side of the I-95 N. I think it was in South Carolina and strangely there just so happens to be a welder at the exit where we had to pull over-reasonably priced and available! The trailer was fixed and we were back on the road in no time!

The next day we got up early to take our things to storage to unload everything and then house shop that afternoon. For the two of us to unload all of this furniture it would consume the day but thankfully the storage employee made a phone call and in no time we had two helpers to unload the furniture in time to return the U-Haul truck back to its office without penalty. #8

This new realtor was much more knowledgeable to help us find the type of house that we were looking for. The house that I really wanted was off the market, so we looked at some other homes that I was less interested in. There weren’t many at all to choose from. I was disappointed because I had been house shopping on line since January and nothing felt right.

Oddly and miraculously enough, #9, Jeff looks at his phone while we are looking at a house I wasn’t excited about and notices on Trulia, that the house I really wanted was back on the market!! More ironically the house I really wanted was only 15 minutes away from the house that we were looking at and the realtor just so happened to have the key to the house because it was a HUD home and he was familiar with a HUD transaction.

When I arrived at the house that is now our home, it had the Coldwell Banker sign in the front!! #10-the same vision that I had when I jotted down in January. Ironically it had a ‘beware of dog’ sign on the gate just like our old home in Florida had- the same sign!! #11

Aside from the heat, I truly loved the property and loved the home.  We always said if only we could pick up our house exactly the way it is and just move it up north it would be awesome. I really didn’t want to leave the house, just the state. So our new home has many of the features that we loved in Florida. It is actually also on a dirt road and on the same side of the street as the last house, on the same size lot, with the gate with the ‘beware of dog’ sign and with a paved driveway like we had!  We have our peace and tranquility which is number one priority. Even our neighbors are similar!

I immediately put a bid on the house. I bid on a figure via muscle testing, because I really wanted the bid to be accepted. We headed back down to Florida and on the highway of our 10 hour drive, I get an email that our offer was accepted (the same day) sign #12 !! By the time I got to Florida I had to immediately put down a deposit and send in overnight paperwork to secure the purchase with the exception of about two items everything that I wanted in this future home this home had.

I wish I could say it was smooth sailing from here :(…. stay tuned for part 2

Healing the Victim

March 13, 2017

Carolyn Myss, author of “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”, states that each of us has a victim archetype within. Illness presents us with the opportunity to come face to face with that victim. In order to transcend it and heal, it’s important not to take the illness personally. We need to truly see it as an opportunity to heal.


Myss believes that healing and curing are not the same thing. Curing is the successful controlling or abatement of an illness, that does not necessarily include alleviation of the emotional and psychological stresses that were a part of the illness. The process leading to a cure is generally passive, where the patient gives over authority to the physician and/or prescribed treatment. Healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating ones attitudes, memories, beliefs, and relationships to power. The desire is to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery.


In order to do this, we need to notice the feelings that are coming up. Whether it is an illness, a relationship drama or job crisis, it is important to face the challenge, not separate yourself from it. We need to face the fears and victimized feelings that are surfacing. 

Next, we must walk directly into these feelings. The illness is not the issue. The issue is the loss of power that the illness generates. We must find the things that make us feel powerful and bring more power into our life. We must connect to the spirit and strengthen our faith. We must use this power to confront our inner victim.

When I took the Avatar course, I became aware that I created all my problems! It was my doing! Through the course, you gain a higher awareness and broader perspective. You begin to recognize that you created the problem. You created it for your own purpose of spiritual awareness, spiritual growth and development. It is not separate from you. It is not God punishing you. You can’t wonder “Why does this happen to me?” If you meditate deep enough you will gain that perspective and it’s very liberating. You will find that you set up this situation for your growth, your education – and it’s perfect. 

Since we created it for ourself, we must find the power in the circumstance. Finding and facing the fears that it brings up within us allows it to leave our body once and for all, and true healing can begin. 

Relationships-part 1

March 9, 2014

In the end, one must come to terms with the fact that the only relationship is with oneself. All other relationships are extensions of, or projections of the relationship with the self. That is it. This realization then means that in order to shift the relationship that is undesired, one must look in the mirror. At first this seems to imply guilt or shame for causing the distress but upon maturity and desiring power more than victimhood, one fully accepts that they created the whole thing! This may first be humiliating but afterwards, liberating. Freedom and power are synonymous. I love them both. I had to accept that the things I disliked about my life was my doing. Then, I could change it! Otherwise, one stays in resistance, and that is just ignorant. If one becomes aware of their role in the experience they dislike and still choose to stay in it-that is called stupid!

Triggered As F*%# (T.A.F.)

July 30, 2021

Do you know what the term “triggered” means? The word “trigger” or the concept of being emotionally triggered, is when an event that we are perceiving holds a similar energetic pattern that is held in our unconscious mind of an older trauma which hasn’t healed yet. The beauty of this is that when one is ‘triggered’, that means the soul is ready to heal. I wrote this title “TAF” meaning “Triggered as  F*%#”, because that has been me since March 2020.

One would say that I am healing, that’s the good news. However, I struggle with healing publicly versus healing privately. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been very public since this Plandemic.  My voice has been hiding from the public eye because I’m doing my own processing privately like a wounded cat. This Plandemic is forcing me to heal old stuff. I am someone who prefers to focus on how I present myself to the public. This is a very high value for me. It can clearly hurt me as I have allowed it over the years, by creating massive suffering over what I perceived as something not perfect. At the same time, it is healthy to be truthful and honest with my evolution especially because another high value for me is to ‘lead by example’.  I prefer to not portray myself with such a ‘perfect guru’ image that what I am teaching seems unattainable and lofty. We all want to show the world our best but it is intimidating and inaccurate to always see a public figure at their best. It’s not human to me. So I am using my own healing process with you to hopefully help connect with you, knowing that I am human too- yes, even me, as a healer for you.

Nothing could have prepared me for a Plandemic, let alone this one, because I never ever, ever, ever, could have conceived of the entire planet’s succumbing to fear to the point where they would lose their rational minds and surrender their freedoms and their human rights. Specifically I am referring to the mask mandate. As an example entering into a retail store and looking at masks for purchase when clearly on the package there is a disclaimer that ‘this mask does not prevent the transmission of Covid 19’! and in the same breath,- Wear one! WTF??!! Have you ever heard of a medical intuitive cursing so much? I hope I am the first!

I will explain that the reason why this is such a trigger for me personally is because I am aware, of a past life trauma where I was doing something very similar to what I do professionally in this lifetime. I was simply preaching to the community basic health tips like sanitation and healthy eating. I only wanted the best for people and it was simple and effective health tips that were deemed a threat to the collective.  Instead I was incarcerated for it. I was murdered for it. My family’s name was taken away and property. I hope and pray that I am redeemed in this lifetime.

In March 2020 I immediately felt that this was bullshit and I wanted nothing to do with it. I knew that this was some type of media construct for attention and profit. Viruses only infect someone based on their inner environment.  It was such a shame and a crime to not only have a man-made virus be unleashed with malevolent intend but to then have good-natured souls in the medical field including scientists, who were bullied and censored. It is difficult to imagine a greater crime. Yes this is World War III. I am sure of it. It is a war on consciousness. I am sure that there will be a 2nd coming- not the religious type. I believe that this is a set up from a consciousness that we cannot perceive, which will inevitably cause us to become conscious of the Christ within, hence the 2nd coming.

Most of you remember me in Connecticut, in a physical office, over a decade ago. Then the universe pulled me in a completely new direction out of nowhere. I choose to believe that it is because of this timeline of 2020.  I have always said that once my son is old enough, my professional comeback will be the “2nd coming”.  Here is the issue that I am faced with-I will not give a shit about you or the welfare of humanity if I am met with hostility, hate or worse-death. In other words, I am here in service to the greater good, but if the masses find love, healing, prayer, and nature threatening, then I better come back in another lifetime or another universe because that is the ultimate insanity for me.  I looked up my Sacred Contract based on the work of Caroline Myss. I do have the Messiah archetype in it.  But make no mistake about it-I will not die on a cross for you!! Refer to the past life I mentioned and the level of censorship and abuse of good intentioned practitioners who only want the best for humanity. If we are all in this together, we better start seeing straight. Amen

The reason why I put Facebook posts up mocking our government and mocking the media is because there’s so much falsehood, it’s comical. It’s a shame, it’s disgusting and it’s also comical. I know for a fact that the masks serve mainly for emotional safety, which is self-created. What that means is it’s a subjective reality and nothing more. To put it bluntly there is no science behind it. I am triggered because I’m still in shock and have not accepted how much evil is in our world (force, control, lies, greed, censorship, tyranny, murder…) Everything that is the opposite of what this country stands for is being brought to the surface like a big fat zit or tumor. I never would have believed this if someone told me, if I didn’t experience it with my own eyes. May humanity know its sovereignty for the very first time (apparently). May we all have discernment and then have the courage to stand for truth.

Be well.


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A New Level of Faith: The Ladybug Story

June 24, 2021

This story was inspired by the recent hurricane in North Carolina.
I don’t listen to the news as a rule. It’s full of negativity, in a one-sided story of a world that is scary and dangerous.  It doesn’t calibrate high, as far as truth and consciousness goes. I choose to live a life of happiness and joy, so the news is not something I plug into. I decide my environment and what’s real in my world. I decide my state of being.

So a rumor goes around that a hurricane is coming. I live in a small town called Bolivia, 15 minutes from the ocean. I hear rumors that it could be a category 4, which sounds terribly scary.  I tune in to the hurricane in my mind to get the facts. My feeling was that this hurricane was not going to be a category 4. It would be quite mild, not what they were reporting. I wished and hoped that the hurricane would dissolve and dissipate in the ocean before it ever got to land, but that didn’t happen.

My friends and I stayed pretty calm most of the time until the very last opportunity for us to bounce. I felt a peace about it, which confused Jeff because he’s hearing what the world is chatting about. For instance, he said if the power goes out, it could be a month before we get it back on. He was so nervous, so just to be on the safe side, he got us a hotel an hour and 40 minutes away from our house for shelter. We didn’t have to use the hotel, but it was a backup plan if we chickened out and felt that being in our home was unsafe.

A few days before the hurricane, I locked myself in my bedroom and I pleaded with God for some answers about this storm. If I were to be misled and misguided by my own intuition and this really is a category 4, and I am delusional, we could be in a lot of trouble. My big concern was the structure of the house being damaged by flying objects or a tree falling on it. I didn’t know what to pack. I didn’t know what to preserve. I didn’t want to have my walk-in closet scattered all over the street. I didn’t want to come home to my jewelry all over the place in mock.  People around me were evacuating. I was really in a tizzy because my thought process was, that I’m not going to die anytime soon and although I don’t need these items, my life is a lot more pleasant and enjoyable having them.  I would prefer to have them. I don’t need a lesson in removing items from my life to learn about what’s really valuable here.

 So I close the door and I asked God to level with me, ” Is my home going to be destroyed? What do I need to leave? What’s the deal?”.  I connected to what I heard was called ‘The Galactic Council’ in my mind. They told me everything would be fine.  I could go to the hotel or not- it made no real difference, it was a personal choice. They also told me that the power would go out at 4:23 p.m. on Friday and it would be off for 3 days, going back on Monday. When I told this to Jeff, he laughed and told me it would be about a month. If I was right, he was going to put a big tattoo on his forehead. I asked ‘The Council’ for confirmation about this. I needed a sign that I wasn’t making this up.

They showed me a red bug like a ladybug.  I thought,  ‘Great, I’ll see the lady bug today- either on TV or something, and then I’ll know that I’ve heard correctly. Well, it never happened. When the time came to decide whether to stay and enjoy the storm, I chickened out and we packed up and got the hell out of here!  A little gust of wind came through and it scared the crap out of me. I didn’t want to tree to fall on the house while I was sleeping or watching TV.  So we get to the hotel and everything is fine. Keep in mind, I had family members, patients, and friends contacting me to check on us the whole week. I have two Facebook accounts and they’re contacting me on Messenger, texting, emails,  “Are you okay?Are you safe? Be safe!”…..

I had so much concern because people are listening to these weather reports. They are not in it to fully grasp what the truth was. As a side note, this happens a lot with people who are diagnosed with cancer.  Too many family members interject and people feel that they have to listen to their family members more than their own intuition. They make decisions based on what the family wants, not on what they truly feel.  I’d like to encourage you that when you’re faced with something perceivably life-threatening, that you trust your gut.

Friday morning, Jeff tells me that our security camera had caught the last bit of footage at 4:32 a.m. of our house. We can assume that the power went out around that time. What I had interpreted was slightly off, as I confuse the two and the three and confuse the p.m. in the a.m. I call that small beans!  Now the storm has taken the power at the hotel!  

We have to check out on Saturday morning. I asked ‘The Council’ again, would we make it back okay because there were rumors that we wouldn’t even get back? There would be roads blocked off, trees in the way, and flooding. They said, ‘This path will be fine and you can leave at your leisure. So I did.  We left and drove and had no risk at all!

We got home and saw that the structure of the house was indeed fine. My cats were okay. Everything was fine.  The second night, we stayed in the house, with no AC, no electricity, and we’re grilling on our front porch, I see a praying mantis in the vines. Then it goes up really high up the vine and falls down on the vine. I’m taking pictures of it and notice a ladybug next to it!  I showed Jeff-This is the sign! I said if I’m right, our electric is going on tomorrow morning by 9 a.m.! He chuckles.  The next morning, I hear some gurgling in the toilet and I hear the microwave flashing. Sure enough, I look and it’s 8:32 in the morning and we have our electricity back on!

In summary, I now have faith in ‘The Galactic Council’ who I’ll be consulting for future weather issues as I do not trust the weathermen.  I do not trust the news and rumors. I felt all along that in my intuition, we would be okay. I’m ecstatic to connect with this energy moving forward as this was a test of trust. And No-Jeff didn’t get a tattoo on his forehead!

Excuses Excuses: Why I can’t be happy now

June 24, 2021

I can’t be happy because someone doesn’t like me anymore,
I can’t be happy because the government is passing a new bill,
I can’t be happy because genetically modified foods are becoming acceptable in this country,
I can’t be happy because there are socks on the floor,
I can’t be happy because I hate the weather,
I can’t be happy because I don’t make enough money,
I can’t be happy because this person at work is mean to me,
I can’t be happy because my house isn’t clean,
I can’t be happy because my kids don’t respect me,
I can’t be happy because my mother in law is a pain in my ass,
I can’t be happy because I have a wart on my foot,
I can’t be happy…..

Now it’s your turn!
Rant and exaggerate why you can’t be happy.  Start listing all of the things of why you can’t be happy now.  At some point, you come to realize the insanity. This is your mind thinking constantly about all the reasons why you can’t be happy now. This is what’s called the ego. It will continue to find things to not be happy now. It is an endless list. It takes being conscious to recognize this software program in the mind and realize, “I can think something different, This is just the ego at work keeping me from my power, my peace, my joy, my passion, my NOW.”

What if you let it all go?

June 24, 2021

What if you dis-created all your diseases?
Who would you be?
How would life be different?
What are you afraid of?
What if you surrendered the fears and the payoff for playing small?
What if you truly lived without the excuses?
What if you stepped into the fullness of you?
What if you embraced all your power?
What if you played a bigger game?
What if you decided to see the beauty of all that is?
What if you let go of your desire to be right!?
What if you realized that all that you thought was real, was one big illusion?
What if you stepped up?
What if you were honest with yourself and admitted that you are truly happy right now?
What if you admitted that you get a secret satisfaction playing this game?
What if you actually and honestly enjoyed being alive?
What if you stopped being so dramatic?
What if you let go of the story?
What if you realized that you created it all in the first place?

The Merry-Go-Round of Modern Medicine: Why I pray for an Awakening

November 30, 2016

There is so much I could say on this topic! It makes me crazy because today’s doctors aren’t using anything in their toolbox that actually works. I am sure that may come as a surprise, but let me explain.

The bodies we live in are made up of organic materials. We each have a soul and a spirit, which are intrinsically part of our physical body. To be healthy, our bodies require living elements to sustain themselves. They need food from the earth – fruits, vegetables, seeds-virtually anything that grows in nature. They require water to drink and air to breathe. The soul and the spirit thrive on love, joy, happiness and peace. These are the things that normal, healthy beings require – this is part of our blueprint.

So, logically, if a doctor is hired to assess a person’s health, they must then review the patient’s blueprint. The doctor must find out where the patient is deviating from the basic requirements listed above. Right? Wrong. What they actually do has nothing to do with restoring health. They do not recommend organic nutrition. They do not recommend clean, filtered water. They do not recommend breathing clean air. They do not recommend exercise as a primary protocol to restoration. They do not assist the patient with returning their blueprint. Instead, today’s doctors recommend drugs – man-made chemical concoctions that have never been found to be naturally occurring in a healthy body – and surgery – the removal of a dysfunctional body part.

There is no logic in this. To be honest, it’s quite asinine. I find it appalling that this is how medicine in our country operates. Well, they call it medicine. I call it crap.

In my practice, I find that when you start dissecting a person’s lifestyle it becomes very obvious why they are in their current state of health. It’s something that they created, not something from outside of them. It’s something they did – intentionally or not – to themselves. Don’t get me wrong – medication and surgery have their benefits in an emergency – a situation that cannot wait for the body to heal itself, but that’s it. If there isn’t a long-term plan using the blueprint above, it will not help the patient.

In my practice I often work with people that have first sought help from traditional medical professionals. Rarely do these experts find any significant problems and if they do, they certainly don’t have a good solution. The doctor will often give an antibiotic or a steroid. If those don’t work, they’ll recommend surgery and just cut it out. Or they may send you from specialist to specialist and on the merry-go-round of modern medicine we go! That’s it!  Sadly, this is often what today’s medical professionals offer you. I WISH I WAS KIDDING!

It has taken me over 10 years to come to terms with my frustration with “the system”. I am finally channeling this frustration into something useful for others. I have a gift of intuition that allows me to see the real issues behind a symptom’s manifestation. It’s my job and purpose to help people awaken and realize our power aka divinity. The truth is within each and every one of us. It is time to realize that we are one with nature and we are one with God. We need to start opening our eyes, opening our hearts and opening our minds.

Today’s medical system has been created out of pride, greed, fear and ignorance.  If you are not in an emergency situation, I strongly suggest that you save your money and save your energy. Please consider consulting a medical professional who treats you as the trinity that you are.

Are you ready for the truth? Please call or email me to learn how to return to your original blueprint.

Rev. Rebecca Karchere, MS, Medical Intuitive
Pure NEWtrition

“Health is Inner Peace”



Vitamin D in the media

March 30, 2015

Every so often a new nutrient or health craze infiltrates the media. The media thrives on drama and ratings, not facts.  If you are getting your information from the media, I feel sorry for you.  Vitamin D is getting some great attention these days. I hear a lot from my patients, “My doctor thinks I should be on a vitamin D supplement”. Thank you media for keeping me in business by the way (in all my sarcasm)

All of a sudden, this nutrient that has always existed is getting attention-WHY? Please tell me, who came out with a new patent? Who is going to get paid from this hype? What was the business plan for this drama this time?

Next it will be vitamin A. Why? Because! There is vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, K for starters. Why pick vitamin D now? What about minerals? These nutrients existed before us and certainly existed before we discovered it! Conclusion: They are ALL important. Doctors should be screening for all of them!

Remember the skin cancer hype? Put on your sunblock or you will develop skin cancer. Well guess what else you block?…Vitamin D!! You cannot make vitamin D when you wear sun block. Confusion, confusion. “They” told us to wear sun block to protect me from cancer, but now I have a vitamin D deficiency! Oh the dilemma…

How about all the cholesterol uproar? Your levels should be 220 mg/dL. No wait!!- It is 200mg/dL. Nope, we goofed up again, it is now 180 mg/dL!! And you trust these people???????? I don’t suppose the insurance companies and the FDA are in cahoots huh? Nah-can’t be. They are for the people. So now that most everyone who gets their blood work checked, now falls into the high cholesterol catagory, we are going to give you Lipitor!! Another brilliant idea. Thank you medical doctor for saving me from a fictitious heart disease risk factor. Thank you for lowering my CoQ10 levels to dangerous levels that put me at risk for a heart attack. Oh, but that is why you put me on Lipitor to protect me from heart disease!! I am very confused now. Who do you work for again?

So now my cholesterol levels are lowered artificially by shutting down my liver. And now I have low vitamin D levels in my blood. Thank you concerned medical doctor. How many years of nutrition classes have you taken? Oh- you only took 1 class!

Then why are you telling me about my vitamin D levels in the first place!? Shouldn’t I ask a nutritionist who knows more than you? Would you call a plumber to do a electrician’s job?

Conclusion: “They” created the no-fat craze which made the skin cancer, diabetes, and heart disease rates go up making everyone deficient in vitamin D! So take your vitamin D supplement for the love of God-until the next drama:) No! Seriously:  EAT FAT and SMILE @ FEAR-that is Wisdom:)

Thank you for letting me rant and vent ❤

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